Karl Lagerfeld’s New Chanel Muse: The Indian Female

The Beauty Look as expected was all Kaajal

My fellow east – indian blooded  fashionista friends who boldly  mixed their tikkas with their tweeds, and were always sporting Kurta’s with their Kelly’s will very much appreciate Chanel’s Bombay- inspired Collection.

Karl’s muse this time was the South Asian female who celebrates the mélange of luxe, both east and west together but stays true her eastern-ness.

“What I like in India…. indian women who buy Chanel, they wear it mixed with their own things from india. They don’t have to renounce their style – they have a strong one. They can add something, but they always stay indian.”  Karl Lagerfeld

The Beauty Look, as expected was the cliche of all Kaajal.

So many favorite pieces… including all reinterpretations of Moghul-inspired jewelry mixed with classic chanel-esque pearls, as well as finger-less embroidered gloves, bordeaux coloured double breasted trenches, everything in chiffon, jewel encrusted clutches and so many more… Watch entire show below.


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