Lisbeth Salander – Trend Icon

Ladies,  start bleaching your eye brows. Lisbeth Salander =  trend-setting pop culture icon.

She’s a social weirdo, androgynous-looking,  not conventionally “pretty”,  she’s even down right creepy… and I am not certain about the hygiene in the least.   What makes her interesting is that she is an unusual brand of sociopath that has a really strong moral code,  who is fiercely driven by revenge.    She is a refreshingly different character that delivers way too many “oh no she did-nt” moments.

You need to read the books.  The Millenium Series, read all three please.  Then watch the Swedish cinematic adaptations all before Dec 21st when the big budget hollywood version comes out.

Do you remember this actress and her interesting banter with Jesse Eisenberg as Zuckerbergs love interest in  The Social Network? Yep, same girl.   Her performance was great and now soon we will experience Rooney Mara as Lisbeth Salander in the upcoming film The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. We shall see if her performance will do such a interesting character justice.

Extremely impressive is Sweden’s own Salander, Noomi Rapace.  Her performances in the original 3 Swedish films were stupefying.  With her androgynous body, and angular beauty and total commitment the role,  she delivered a great Salander.

Hats off  to you Noomi.

No surprise Swedish Retailer H&M is doing a Dragon Tattoo Collection to capitalize on the fame.

It’s lame and expected… and I am totally going to buy some pieces 🙂



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