Bleeding Light

Her words echo the wisdom and pain that you may expect from works of established urdu writers of the ‘Ghazal‘.  I didn’t think such depth in the English form of Ghazal was possible.  Thank you Sheniz.

Few couplets from her new book Bleeding Light by Sheniz J.

Pen-name ( Takhullus ) – Israh

The Lettered Palanquin


In the sandstorm, he waits for her hand. She will walk; she does not need

a palanquin.

He orients himself with the moon, she searches at dawn. He is not in

the sun’s palanquin


Without thread to string beads of her voice, she slices her tongue – it is

offered at his feet.

Glass light scatters with blood. He digs his heel into her mouth as she

enters his palanquin.


There are questions pretending to be answers, and answers pretending to

lack questions.

She asks permission to love. Will he climb out of the prison disguised

as a palanquin?


The road is paved and unpaved. When she reaches the cul-de-sac, she will

not turn back.

She leaves breadcrumbs in rubies. If he follows her, he’ll uncover a

rusted palanquin.


When Israh encounters Sheniz, they exhume each other – coughing words

cut like jewels.

We adorn this page with gems. Will he bear the weight and lift this

lettered palanquin?


…a series of “Vahs” ensue….


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