Beauty Focuses of Asian Cultures

Some of the most beautiful faces I have touched have been in the far east.  In my trips to Japan, Thailand, Taiwan and most recently Malaysia,  I have learned that many women of the East Asian countries/cultures subscribe to a subtler focus on beauty. Aside from the universal desire for natural makeup and perfect skin, Asians focus on larger eyes and sculpted features and desire overall delicateness and femininity in makeup looks. There is also a strong commitment on corrective techniques to achieve those looks. This makes teaching makeup even more fun!  Details like creases in the eyelids and contour in the face are usually areas of importance.

Look carefully at this woman’s eye’s…. do you see it?

In these pictures you can see the very common use of EYE TAPE  to correct or to even the crease lines of the two eyes.  Many East Asian women use Eye-Tape or Eye-Glue to actually create a crease that is not there. The adhesive pushes and holds the skin of the eye back into the socket of the eyeball, creating a pseudo “double-eyelid’ look.

A double eye-lid is also commonly achieved with a good ol’ Blepharoplasty – eyelid surgery.  I would guess that Blepharoplasty would be the most common corrective facial surgery in the far east. I have also seen Rhinoplasty’s or injections that grow the nose-bridge to mimic a more western style nose, and facial bone contouring surgery is also more popular in the in this part of the world than in any western country.

Eye-Lid Surgery - Blepharoplasty - sorry to gross you out.

One thing I wish more Asian women were open to would be depilatory services for brows.  Asian eyebrows are difficult to shape because of growth patterns. many have brows that grow downward. so cutting out a shape is common. I guess because Asian women aren’t naturally hairy, depilatory services haven’t become a traditional part of the beauty culture, unlike South Asian / Arabic / European women who are more committed to unwanted hair management and have been waxing and tweezing etc for centuries.  Many Asian women opt for a razor to the brow for shaping rather than a tweezing session or waxing. The regrowth is really bad, and looks like a five o’clock shadow growing back on the eyebrows.

Another area of focus when it comes to Asian Beauty is lighter skin and the whitening skin care products are top skus for many cosmetics brands, this is also a prevalent beauty focus of South Asian countries like India.

Typically an Asian eye can be prone to straight, downward growing eyelashes. False lashes are uber-popular to wear, and many women especially of the younger generation wear them on a daily basis.  You can buy false lashes by the truckloads on every corner of Taipei and many other Asian cities.  I loved teaching how to apply false lashes.

Can you tell the lashes are false? Click to see bigger pic.

Making a commitment to such beauty tools/techniques on a daily basis is not uncommon and this makes it enjoyable to teach makeup techniques in eastern countries.  There is greater appreciations for fine and subtle application techniques, there is a greater understanding on the importance of beauty tools. Overall an Asian woman is more apt to be committed to a longer detailed beauty regimen.


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