The Beauty of the Mystic’s Bowl

“My head is alms upon Your feet” – Chishti

Hidden in the volumes and volumes of yet-to-be-organized travel pics… I finally found what I was looking for. This Beggar’s Bowl can be found in the Jameel Gallery of the Victoria & Albert Museum, South Kensington, London.  It is a rare and fine treasure.  The contoured style, the engraved prayer, the fine chains, I instantly fell in love with it.

I was reminded of this picture ( taken 17.09.06), as I was regretting not being in New York for the PPB’s Sufi Music Festival this past week and needed to see it again. I’m UBER-bummed I missed it.  I was in New York eight times in the past six months, but coincidence just wasn’t on my side. In this fast world, with deadlines, and conference calls and tight schedules it’s tough to make time for what really makes your heartstrings hum. Sufi music /poetry does that for me.  Yes, I’m one of those.  I couldn’t tell you what’s hot on the top 40 list now ( do they even call it that anymore?), but I can tell you ( The Father of Qawalli) Khusrau‘s lines by memory.   Cold play Lyrics? – not a chance, but every last lyric of Abida Parveen’s Raqs-e-Bismil ( Dance of the Wounded) collection is engraved on the walls of my memory.  I listen and I am at peace.


3 thoughts on “The Beauty of the Mystic’s Bowl

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