The Mystique of Backstage…

Every new makeup artist dreams of doing runway makeup.  The experience of being part of the creative process backstage at Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week is both intense and exhilarating.  Staying true to the designers vision while expressing something that speaks to current trend is the duty of the beauty team.

In an earlier post I outlined the events at the pre-Fashion Week creative meetings for the Pamella Roland Fall 2010 Show.  Now,  as the Laura Mercier Makeup collection that we previewed in that show has finally hit the counters I wanted to share the look that was designed. Pamella’s inspiration was the darker more mysterious side of the city of Venice and her collection combined her patent luxe style with edgy chic very beautifully.  It seems that Laura Mercier and Pamella Roland were speaking to the same trends when designing Fall 2010. The Mystique Colour Collection has that very tough luxe attitude and was inspired by the sparkle of the city at nightfall.   Favorite products include new Lip Glaces and Second Skin Cheek Colour in City Pink.  Special mention goes to a new shadow formula:  SEQUIN.  Hats off to Laura Mercier and @trish_lmtrends.

All pictures courtesy photography.

Nigel Barker has also created a cool backstage video of the show. Check it out.


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