First Beauty Memory….

Do you remember the first time you thought someone was beautiful? Were you old enough to know what beautiful meant? What is it about someone’s face that warrants the description of beautiful? Is it the skin? The smile? The way the eyes are shaped? The length of the lashes? All of the above?

Parveen Babi

Parveen Babi

Before I held a mascara wand to my lashes, or combined lip-glosses of varying shimmer levels, or even contemplated the best way to enhance a brow for varying face shapes… way back in time… before I learned to enhance beauty, I remember noticing beauty. I was young maybe 5-6yrs old and the very first vision of beauty I remember was Parveen Babi. Then a Bollywood Heroine, now a bygone legend, Parveen Babi was my little-girl version of a man-crush/bro-mance. She was considered an atypical Indian Beauty and had more of an “international” look, with a balanced face, classic kajal-clad eyes, the smoothest skin, and a physique to kill. What made her look, when she arrived to it, was her thick lustrous hair, shiny enough to inspire the likes of Fekkai and Garren. She had long locks with a centre-part and sweetheart bangs, very ‘Veronica’ from the Archies. I think that, with her sexy western style of dressing set her apart from her rather traditional looking contemporaries.

Parveen Babi

Parveen Babi

To a young girl living within the South Asian Diaspora in Toronto, Canada, I think it was Parveen Babi’s westernized image that definitely added to the attractiveness. At the time, Bollywood still had a desperate need for more empowering female roles, and Parveen Babi just brought this refreshing sense of freedom in her modern style, with killer stilettos and fabulous frocks, and I must say for the most part, flawless makeup! Even in ‘Jawani Jaaneman‘ where there was so much that was wrong around it… the makeup itself wasn’t all that bad.


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